Project IDX

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Introducing alternative IDs as a solution for a cookieless internet.Generate your own identity graph with our APIS and connect to the digital ecosystem through our universal IDX.

Not reliant on cookies

User in control

Anonymous by design

Scalable and secure

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The Problem

Cookies are close to expiring, and the industry needs an alternative that advertisers, media, and tech companies can use to create targeted and measurable advertising in a way that doesn't compromise user privacy.


According to a study conducted by Google to estimate the impact of removing third-party cookies and the loss of personalized advertising:

reduction in publisher revenue

increase in clicks to hide non-personalized ads

Worse results for brands and advertisers.

Our Vision

We believe in advertising as a sustainable, healthy, and long term business model for publishers across the web:

It encourages the media to generate valuable content

Users can access high value content freely

Brands can reach a broad audience in a safe environment

We also believe that everyone benefits if that advertising is personalized, measurable, scalable, and respectful of user privacy:
We envision an internet where it's possible to achieve that through direct trust-based relationships between users, brands and media.

Project IDX

Proyect IDX is a set of tech solutions developed by Retargetly to create alternative IDs for brands, publishers, and tech partners, which doesn't rely on cookies:

• Infrastructure to create private identity graphs for publishers and advertisers, that don't rely on third party cookies and use an API to generate unified private user identifiers

• IDX: An alternative universal ID that connects private identifiers, allowing for the collaboration of ecosystem members to buy, sell, and measure targeted advertising at scale. Uses anonymized and verified identifiers, provided by the users with explicit consent to brands and publishers.

How does it work?

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The IDX project is an initiative promoted by Retargetly, focused on the digital industry in Latin America, to successfully transition into a cookieless personalized advertising world.
Coming Q3 2020